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Welcome! We're Baltimoreans for People-Oriented Places. BaltPOP is a community advocacy group made up of residents of Baltimore, Maryland and its adjacent suburbs.

We advocate for
walkable neighborhoods
human scale communities
alternatives to driving
parking maximums
incremental development
mixed-use development
transit-oriented development
by-right development
inclusionary zoning
abundant housing
safe roads
productive streets
active transportation
public transit
small, local businesses
community wealth building
complete streets
neighbors as developers
We are the home for Urbanist, YIMBY, and Strong Towns principles in Baltimore.

We seek to strengthen our community via reforms that result in more productive, connected, walkable, sustainable, lovable places. By emphasizing people-oriented land use and development practices, we'll get a financially resilient Baltimore region with safer roads, more housing choices, and greater prosperity - for all.

If this resonates with you, take the next step! You've got a couple options:

If you're ready to take action,
our online discussion group.
If you want to stay updated,
to our periodic email list.

Of course, there's no reason you can't do both. 😃 We're also followable on and . Regardless, please attend an upcoming meeting!

If you would like to get in touch, please .

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